Becoming a Member

As a Photographer interested in submitting your work to STOCKPHOTOMEDIA, simply upload your photographs, graphics and images to www.stockphotomedia.com for others to access and download. All purchases made by a User are registered and you will receive your share (income) of any revenue generated subsequent to such purchases.

As a contributor (prospective Member)

After sign up you are required to study our brief online course, which can be accessed by clicking on the link "TUTORIAL / REGISTER AS A PHOTOGRAPHER" in my account. When you feel confident that you have understood the tutorial, please take the test, based on your comprehension of this material. On successfully completing the test, you will then qualify to become a Member and subsequently be entitled to submit your work - photographs, images and graphics, etc.- to our editorial staff for approval.

After the first files/samples are inspected and accepted you can start uploading images.

You may sell your photos on other sites too as it is a non-exclusive agreement.

Note that photographers who have uploaded photos commit themselves to leave the content on stockphotomedia.com for at least 6 months. This is regardless if the photographer wants to delete his/hers account.

Income per download

Why sell your photos exclusively, once? Sell them here..as royalty free maybe 100 times!!
When an image or photo is downloaded, the individual or entity doing so, the User, pays for the image/photo the Photographer has uploaded and the Photographer’s account, the Account Holder, is automatically credited with 35% for small images, 55% for large images And 50% for Illustrations of the revenue generated for every photograph and image downloaded. When the balance on an account exceeds 60 EUR or every 3 months, the Account Holder is entitled to submit a request for payment. We use paypal or Moneybookers.
There is a “Download Statistics” button in “My account” for more detailed statistics regarding purchasing images using Credits and different percentage rates.

Generating income

It makes sense to be productive as this increases the chance that one or more of the images submitted will be used. However, you can also increase the chances of one of your photographs/images being selected by carefully choosing the photographs and images you supply. We monitor all requests from our Users and compile data regarding the type of photos/images in greatest demand. Consulting this databank regularly puts you in a position to provide just those images and photos that will have the greatest positive impact on your income. Be imaginative, let your creativity flourish and increase the chances of being downloaded, often!

Free photos!!

Every week 2 to 4 photos will be available for free download. As a photographer you now have the opportunity to donate photos to this department. These can be used commercially by customers for web and/or print, in precisely the same way as when photos have been purchased. We are doing this in order to increase the exposure of your portfolios and in so doing you will also be getting free advertising! ! If you would like to donate an photo, you will find this function under My Account “Donate a photo”. Click on “Donate a photo” and state the image ID. Or you could email the image ID to office@stockphotomedia.com and state which images you would like to donate.

Donate a photo >>


The quality of the photographs you upload strongly influences their attractiveness on the market and subsequently the income generated. Make sure your images are of at least of good quality to increase your earning potential.

Rules and regulations

Copyright laws demand that you carefully read and fully comprehend the General Terms and Conditions for Uploading. Any and all photographs and images uploaded must have been taken by you and you are solely responsible for ensuring that you own all the legal rights to the said photographs or images and that they do not contain any copyright materials or trademarks.

If a photograph or image contains a recognisable individual or individuals, or a recognisable building or property, you must acquire a signed Model Release and/or Property Release from all persons therein or the authority concerned. The relevant Model/Property Release form (s) must be uploaded together with the photograph or image.

MR Library

Model Release Library (location My account / Uploaded files / Request approval / Type).

It allows you to upload single MR documents in order to use them in the upload process. Once the document is in the library, there's no longer needed to upload it each time you submit an image. You only have to select the appropriate document from the list.

Images for editorial purposes only

The editorial section provides images reflecting events from social, cultural and political scenes

Select 'Editorial, at the keywording phase of the submit process.

Some of the images available at Stockphotomedia may contain recognisable features such as a face/individual/ trademark/building/landmark/logotype/artwork, etc or a combination of these and may still be available for sale, without the relevant property or model release. The use of these images is restricted to editorial purposes and they are marketed with an attachment that clearly states:
“Editorial purposes only”

Images that come under this category may only be used by legitimate and recognized mass media, presumed to be unbiased and intended for wide, anonymous audiences.

"Anonymous" is defined as being easily available to anyone in the coverage area.

The word "Wide" is somewhat vague, but usually refers to a minimum of about 2,000 readers or viewers. The medium may carry advertising.

Generally accepted “Editorial Purposes” include the following:

• Newspaper Articles and Feature Stories directly linked to the use of the images.
• Magazine Articles and Feature Stories directly linked to the use of the images.
• Internet (Online) Articles and Feature Stories directly linked to the use of the images.
• Books on the topic.


When you upload your photographs and images to STOCKPHOTOMEDIA, you maintain 100% ownership of the copyright. By uploading your photographs and images you are giving STOCKPHOTOMEDIA the right to market your photographs and images and, in return you will receive a commission every time a photograph is selected, downloaded and paid for by a User

Suggestions and advice

More is not best, but more of the right type is best. The following are some suggestions to guide you as to what you should consider.

Creativity - Enjoy combining your creativity and talent – the best images are often captured when you least expect them.

Subject matter- Choose your subject carefully and then compose your shot to ensure your subject is perfectly featured.

Good Light - Lighting is of utmost importance - some pure white and pure black are good - check them in the Photoshop.

Excellent colour - Make sure your shot has premium colours - maybe a colour boost in the Photoshop.

Interest and appeal - Try to compose shots that can be used in a variety of designs and therefore appeal to a wide public.

Copyright - All photographs and images submitted must have been taken/created by you personally. Do not include any company logotypes, trademarks or recognisable faces – unless you have obtained and uploaded a Model/Property Release.

Member may not upload content to which they do not own the copyrights - unless you have obtained and uploaded a proper Release.

When uploading an illustration with an artistic design, upload the original work from which the illustration was taken in the Model Release section. You do not need to do this if you legally own the original work, but please state this in the Note to Administration section.

When you access, browse, purchase, upload a photograph or image or initiate any transaction via our website, you automatically consent to having read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Should you be uncertain about the possible use and disposal of any photographs or images retrievable from our website, please contact our support desk via e-mail on support@stockphotomedia.com


I have just registered, but I cannot access my account, what is the problem?
Please ensure that your web browser accepts cookies.
If you have problems to login shut down your browser and open a new one! If you still receive the "enable cookies" message, check the the clock on your computer. Make sure the date and time are correct and then login again. This should resolve the problem.

I have registered with Fotomedia and submitted a valid e-mail address, but I have so far not received any e-mails from you.
If you are using a spam filter or a free e-mail account, e.g. Hotmail, you have to make sure that the filters do not identify our e-mails as spam. It is possible that this may happen, particularly with the automated messages that we send to our contributors. If you cannot identify the filters, contact your e-mail/internet provider or change the e-mail address in your profile.

How can I delete an image?
Please submit a request to the “Contact us” page. Remember that by uploading images you automatically grant Fotomedia the right to use and sell these images/photos and reimburse you for them, for at least 6 months. However, we are reasonable and if we receive a request for a photo or image to be removed we will most likely do so, but remember we cannot prevent anyone who has already downloaded/purchased the image or photo from using it.

My images/photos are not selling, what can I do?
There may be a number of reasons why your images/photos are not selling (why nobody is purchasing them):

1. Your photos are not in demand commercially, in other words there may not be so many people who can actually find a use for your photo. It is better to take photos that you believe will be commercially viable, if you are in it to make money. Look at Popular images to get an idea of the current top sellers.

2. You may have not uploaded enough photos. All of those in the top income bracket have portfolios with from 100 up to several thousand images/photos in their document files. By uploading only a few images/photos you will not generate that much money. Upload a fair sized collection of your most commercially viable or fantastic photos.

3. You may not have allowed enough time/not waited long enough. If you have just signed up and have only built up a small portfolio, keep expanding that collection and give it a few months.

4. The quality of your images/photos may simply not be good enough.

5. You may not have entered enough keywords or you may not have chosen the best categories for your image/photo when you submitted it/uploaded it.

  MR Library

Model Release Library (location My account / Uploaded files / Request approval / Type).

It allows you to upload single MR documents in order to use them in the upload process. Once the document is in the library, there's no longer needed to upload it each time you submit an image. You only have to select the appropriate document from the list.

Do you have problems deciding the best keywords for your images?
If you have problems deciding which keywords would have the best effect for accessing your images, it may help to use online tools such as www.arcurs.com/keywording for example.