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Photographs and images

Taking full advantage of the tremendous advancement in the world of high-resolution digital technology STOCKPHOTOMEDIA offers a wide variety of Royalty-Free photographs, images, graphics, etc. of excellent quality at lowest prices. All photographs and images available from our website have been reviewed and approved by our editorial staff and consequently we are in a position to offer premium quality, variety and reliability of service.

There is a "Photo Zoom" feature that allows you to zoom in 100%, 'Actual Pixels' to see the true quality of the photo. Before you buy! No guesswork required.
(This feature is inaccessible unless you are logged in).

Free photos

These can be used commercially by our customers for web and/or print, in exactly the same way as when images have been purchased.

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How to purchase pictures

As a logged in customer at Stockphotomedia you can purchase one or several images and choose to pay with Pay&Read or PayPal´s instant buy, simple and easy with your credit card. You can also choose to create a PayPal account for repeating future purchase. Both are simple, quick and secure processes.

In order to be able to do business with Credits, you must first open an account at Stockphotomedia. Credits can be purchased easily in our shop and added to your customer basket. You can pay for Credits by credit card, for orders of over 50 Euros. The page for purchasing Credits can be accessed via the “Buy credits” in the navigation system under “My account”. When this has been completed, it is a simple procedure to purchase images and pay by Credits, instead of using your credit card, and at the same time get discounts of up to 50%. Image credits expire 1 year from date of purchase. 750 Image credits expire 2 year from date of purchase.

To search for photos simply ad your keywords into the search box at the top of the page and click “Go”. When the search result appears click for the desired image. Choose the file size you whish to download by clicking the “Add to cart” of your choice. The images come in 2 sizes: small and large. Continue adding images to the cart and then click “Cart and checkout” and pay online with PayPal. After the photo/photos are paid for a downloadable link will appear in “My account purchased files”. The link will remain there for 2 weeks.

To pay with Credits click on “Download” when the size of the image has been selected, the Terms and Conditions of use have been approved and Save the image in ... to selected site.
(you need to be logged in to see the download button!)

All Files purchased may be downloaded for 14 days from the section “Purchased files” in “My account”.

Payments and security.


Pay&Read/PAYER AB´s (www.pay-read.se) secure payment server, which means your card information only goes to Pay&Read/PAYER AB and the transferring bank. The information is sent encrypted with SSL-Secure Socket Layer-128 bits encryptation. Stockphotomedia does not receive the card information, which improves the security for you as a customer.

The transaction info on your bank slip for this registration/purchase will say: PAYER AB.

Buying safely - PayPal about security.

PayPal uses Secure Socket Layer 128-bit (SSL) to guarantee fast, easy, and secure Payments Worldwide. This means that all transactions involving your credit card are encrypted and for your safety and integrity. PayPal enables you to pay without the seller ever seeing your bank account or credit card numbers. No credit card needed until you're ready to pay. Credit card information is not required to sign up for PayPal. This information is only needed when you're ready to buy an image. Stockphotomedia does not store any credit card numbers.

PayPal has quickly become a global leader in online payment solutions with 164 million account members worldwide. Available in 190 countries and regions around the world, buyers and sellers on eBay, online retailers, online businesses, as well as traditional offline businesses are transacting with PayPal.

Note that If you plan more than 10 total purchases you will need to sign up for a PayPal account!

Safely store your payment information with PayPal to make faster, easier and more secure payments online. With this free feature enabled, you can skip filling out long payment forms and complete transactions more quickly.

PayPal about security.

Paypal support.

Important search TIPS:

  • Enter words separately, i.e. blue boat, and you will access images featuring both words.

  • If you enter two words with a space and a dash immediately in front of the second word, i.e.
    blue –boat or yellow –flower , etc you will access images with blue or yellow in them, but not a blue boat or a yellow flower, etc.

  • If you enter two words, you will access images with both words first, then images with either word.

  • Try changing the words by making them plural or by adding "ing" ("boat" or "boats” or "boating")

  • To refine your search, try using more words, such as: apartment buildings large city

  • If you know the image file number, you may enter it in the search field.

Royalty Free means that as a User, you pay a specified amount for the photograph or image only once and then you are free to use and publish it as often as you like, with certain specific restrictions. Apart from those included in the initial fee, there are no other license fees or royalties to be paid.

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The photographs and images available from our website can be used in a number of ways such as in graphic prints, magazines and other publications, advertising materials or in electronic media, etc. However, you must ensure that the use and disposal of the photograph or image does not in any way infringe on any of our restrictions as stated in Section terms of service. If in doubt, please contact our support desk via e-mail on support@stockphotomedia.com.

The lightbox

is where you can store photos of your interest before downloading them and even keep them there for your next login. To add photos to the lightbox simply click on the image and select "Add to lightbox".

Content Filter (Age and sensitivity-appropriate)

Some of the images available through stockphotomedia may be deemed offensive to some viewers. We therefore operate a Content Filter for photographs, images and other materials that may contain scenes of nudity. The choice is yours whether or not to activate the Content Filter – we advise User discretion.

In some cases the file you downloaded is not 300 Dpi.

This is because the default resolution in some cameras, scanners or other equipment could be lower than 300 dpi. This does not mean that the file cannot be used. Before downloading a file, first make sure you check the "Print size" displayed under the "small, medium and large picture you would like to download " for both web and print use. Use any graphics software to adjust its resolution (when using Adobe Photoshop, make sure to delete the tick in the "Resample image" option before changing the resolution of the file to 300dpi).

  • When you access, browse, purchase, or initiate any transaction via our website, you automatically consent to having read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Should you be uncertain about the possible use and disposal of any photographs or images retrievable from our website, please contact our support desk via e-mail on support@stockphotomedia.com

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