All our images and illustrations are Royalty-free, which means that you pay for them once and then you are free to use them for as long as you want, for any purpose with a few restrictions.


Royalty-free images may be used for:

Images for a commercial website

Digital and printed documents and reports

Multimedia presentations e.g. PowerPoint

Film and video presentations, commercials

All kinds of advertisements, both in print and on the Internet

Books and leaflets

Press communications

Printed decorations

Screensavers or desktop backgrounds

Prints for wrappings and packages e.g. CD cases or milk cartons, however not to exceed a maximum of 500,000 copies. Copies in excess of this incur additional royalties of EUR 0.01 per copy.


They may however not be used for:

Posters designed for mass production and further distribution

T-shirts and mugs intended for mass production and further distribution

Other objects intended for mass production and further distribution e.g. postcards


The photographer owns the copyright to the image in perpetuity and all material is protected by the copyright law. For further details, please refer to Stockphotomedia’s Terms and Conditions which define how this website may be used and how the images and photos are protected.

If there is any doubt or uncertainty regarding copyright issues, please contact us!


Images for editorial purposes only (Royalty Free Editorial)

Some of the images available at Stockphotomedia may contain recognisable features such as a face/individual/ trademark/building/landmark/logotype/artwork, etc or a combination of these and may still be available for sale, without the relevant property or model release. The use of these images is restricted to editorial purposes and they are marketed with an attachment that clearly states:
“Editorial purposes only”

Images that come under this category may only be used by legitimate and recognized mass media, presumed to be unbiased and intended for wide, anonymous audiences.

"Anonymous" is defined as being easily available to anyone in the coverage area.

The word "Wide" is somewhat vague, but usually refers to a minimum of about 2,000 readers or viewers. The medium may carry advertising.

Generally accepted “Editorial Purposes” include the following:

• Newspaper Articles and Feature Stories directly linked to the use of the images.
• Magazine Articles and Feature Stories directly linked to the use of the images.
• Internet (Online) Articles and Feature Stories directly linked to the use of the images.
• Books on the topic.
• Cropping an image and standard brightness/contrast adjustments are acceptable.

If you are in any way uncertain of whether or not the purpose is editorial, please contact us via e-mail on

and ask for advice.




Can I use the photos purchased from Stockphotomedia in more than one project? If each project is unique regarding the concept (not based on a template) then you may use the photos for more than one client. You do not have to purchase them twice. If your concept is the same however, you may not use the images since it will be considered re-processing/redistribution. The total number of copies may not exceed 500,000. Copies in excess of this incur additional royalties of EUR 0.01 per copy.

Do I have to mention who has taken the image?
This is not absolutely necessary, but it is strongly recommended and highly appreciated. The success of Stockphotomedia depends largely on our members uploading mages. Continued success and growth are made possible by the contribution of each and every member. A credit line stating for example “Photographer: John Smith | Agency: Stockphotomedia.com” placed somewhere in your design will be highly valued.

Can I use the images on business cards?
If the design of your business card is unique, meaning that you do not sell the same design to different companies, you may use the images as long as the total number of business cards (for all employees) does not exceed 500,000. Please note that the images cannot be used as part of a logo.

Can I use the images on postcards to be sent to my customers?
Images that are downloaded using the Royalty-Free licence can be included on postcards sent to customers and/or partners of the company, but ONLY if the postcards advertise the services and products of the company, i.e. if it is an advertisement. You are not allowed to sell these postcards and the maximum number of copies allowed is 500,000. Copies in excess of this incur additional royalties of EUR 0.01 per copy.

I have lost the files I previously downloaded from Stockphotomedia, can I download them again?
You have two weeks to download the same file again (to fix any problems that may have occurred during the downloading process: file downloaded incorrectly, connection was disrupted, limited bandwidth, etc.). After this period you can only download the same file again by using more Credits.

I am a buyer who is wondering if I can have a copy of the Model Release that you have on file together with an image I am interested in downloading. If so, what does it cost?
Our agency has copies of Model Releases for all images that include identifiable individuals. The Releases have been completed and signed by the models in the presence of a witness. We do not provide any copies of this document though, even if you have been granted a licence, because of safety and security issues. Copies are only provided if officially requested by a legal authority.

Can I modify the photos?
You may modify the PHOTOS in any way required for reproduction or include them in your own personal creations.